Business Valuation

If you own a business, want to protect your wealth, or determine how much an asset is worth, you will at some point need professional valuation services. Mangold Anker Phillips has qualified credentialed valuation experts with a breadth of valuation experience.

We have a sophisticated understanding of accounting, taxation, financial statement analysis, and business operations in many different industries with proven competence in valuation. We provide expertise to determine the best methodology to fulfill the purpose and provide the documentation to withstand any challenges by the IRS or other parties.

The Mangold Group works with wealth advisors, other CPAs, and attorneys specializing in estate planning, civil litigation, and family law to provide a team approach in order to achieve the client’s objectives. Our valuations are guided by sound theory and appropriate rulings and comply with professional standards governed by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA).

Our team of professionals has the skills and experience to provide our clients with valuation services for variety of purposes, such as:

  • Planning for a business sale, merger, acquisition, or stock offering
  • Obtaining financing from a lender for the purchase of a business
  • Estate and gift tax planning
  • Creating a succession plan
  • Cashing out a business for retirement
  • Marriage dissolution – In the case of a divorce, tracing, analysis of income tax issues, property interest valuations and distributions, as well as valuations of closely held businesses may be needed.
  • Litigation consulting & dispute resolutions – The valuation encompasses the preparation of business damages calculations and the valuation of a shareholder’s business interest.
  • Filing insurance claims
  • Executive compensation
  • Shareholder / Corporate planning
  • Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) ESOPs, allowed by the Internal Revenue Code, are retirement plans to which the company contributes its stock for the benefit of the company employees.  ESOPs are required to be valued at least annually.  Additionally, ESOP valuations are performed for shareholder liquidity, estate planning, management succession planning, employee motivation, privatization, and acquisitions.
  • Financial reporting – tax and financial planning

The credentialed valuation expert with the valuation credential is as follows. View complete bios here

Thomas Mangold, CPA / ABV / CITP

President of Mangold Anker Phillips holds the Accredited in Business Valuation (ABV) Credential by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). The ABV Credential, established in 1998 by the AICPA, is granted to qualified CPAs who pass a rigorous exam and possess considerable professional experience in business valuation and broad knowledge of accounting, finance, economics, and general business principles. The ABV Credential is granted exclusively to CPAs who have demonstrated an expertise in the complexities of business valuation and are members in good standing of the AICPA which binds them to the AICPA Code of Professional Conduct.